As a Member of the European Parliament, I receive a monthly salary of €8,484. After tax deductions, my net salary is €6,613 euros. From this we must also deduct the contribution I make to the party and the foundation, in application of our financial charter.

In addition, I receive a daily allowance of €307 for each day I work at Parliament. The allowance covers the additional costs of accommodation and meals during my stay in Brussels and Strasbourg.

We have a further budget of €24,164 euros per month for staff. This money pays for the salaries and social contributions of my three assistants, two of whom work in Brussels and the third in Barcelona, and when the office has interns, their salary also comes from this fund. This budget item also covers the expenses of the team when travelling to Strasbourg or other missions.

As a Member of the European Parliament, I receive €4,342 a month to cover the general expenses arising from my work, including the rent for my office in Barcelona, the expenses for telecoms and office equipment. Every six months, I post details of my general office expenditure here.

The Greens-EFA parliamentary group has often criticised that the use of reimbursement of these overheads is not transparent enough. For this reason, we have repeatedly requested that the regulations be revised. But since there is no proposal to review the operation of this budget item, the Greens-EFA have self-imposed transparency requirements in the use of these funds, which came into force on July 1, 2017, and which include the return of any unused monies at the end of the term.

Finally, I have at my disposal a budget of €41,500 euros to use for my political work, such as organizing conferences and exhibitions, or for publications, for example.