As a Member of the European Parliament, I receive a gross monthly salary of €8,995. After deduction of European taxes, my net salary is €7,011. From this I must also deduct the taxes I pay to the Spanish State. In addition, I receive an allowance of €324 for each day I am personally in Brussels or Strasbourg to cover the extra cost of accommodation and meals.


Staff expenses
Furthermore, we have a budget for staff of €25,442 a month. This goes towards the salaries and social contributions of my three assistants, two of whom work in Brussels (Raquel Correa and Max Sallent) and a third (Miquel Carrillo) in Barcelona, and when the office has interns, their salaries also comes out from these funds. This budget item also covers the costs of the team when they travel to Strasbourg or on other missions.

Office costs
As a Member of the European Parliament, I receive €4,576 a month to cover general expenses arising from my work, including, for example, the rent of the office in Barcelona, the telephone bill and that of the office equipment, rent, and others. Every six months, I publish the diagram below showing how I have used these funds.

The Greens-EFA parliamentary group has often condemned the lack of transparency in how expenses and allowances are spent, which is why we have repeatedly requested that the regulations be revised. But since there is no proposal to review the execution of this budget item, the Greens-EFA decided to self-impose transparency in the use of these funds as of July 1, 2017. This includes, for example, the return of unused funds at the end of the parliamentary term.

See the Greens-EFA’s commitment to transparency here.

Funds for public relations work
Finally, I have at my disposal a budget of 49,500 euros to use in my political work, which includes organizing conferences and exhibitions, or publications, for example.