My priorities

The Post-Covid Economy

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about the worst economic crisis in Europe since World War II, which is why we are working from Brussels for a stronger Europe to rise from this crisis, a Europe committed to digitalisation, energy transition and a socially just recovery. We are also working to make Europe useful in alleviating the effects of the crisis at home, in my own country.

Europe in the World

Europe must be seen throughout the world as a benchmark regarding respect for and fostering of human rights, both individual and collective, an international actor leading in a globalization featuring solid social, labour and environmental standards, favouring fair and sustainable development. I believe that a new impetus must be given to European policy for the Mediterranean.

The Catalan Republic

At the European Parliament, I shall continue denouncing the repression by Spain of the Catalan independence movement, and I advocate amnesty for all those suffering that repression as well as defending the right to exercise self-determination without violence or threats from the Spanish state. Catalonia will make greater and better contributions to the EU as a full member.

Social and Environmental Justice

As Europe is facing ever greater challenges, such as the social and economic consequences of Covid-19 and migration and the respect for the right to asylum, I believe that the answer must be more Europe: a stronger and more integrated Europe, and above all a Europe with social justice as its cornerstone, a Europe that defends effective gender equality.