Green Hydrogen: an opportunity for Catalonia

The great political project of the European Union today and for the coming years is called the European Green Deal, with all the regulations, public policies and financial instruments that derive from it. The European Union’s foremost commitment is to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change, making Europe the first climate-neutral […]

Corporate responsibility, human rights and the environment

Throughout the global economy, there are hundreds of examples of businesses that disregard human rights, severely damage the environment, evict indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands, or benefit from forced- or child-labour. And they usually get away with it scot-free. Next June, the European Commission will present a bill on the obligations of companies to […]

The Energy Charter Treaty: an obstacle to the energy transition

Little is said about the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). And despite the opacity that surrounds it, it is one of the international agreements that affects us most and that can most obstruct the energy transition. The ECT is a multilateral agreement that protects investments in the energy sector, especially those that major investors allocate to […]