Corporate responsibility, human rights and the environment

Throughout the global economy, there are hundreds of examples of businesses that disregard human rights, severely damage the environment, evict indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands, or benefit from forced- or child-labour. And they usually get away with it scot-free. Next June, the European Commission will present a bill on the obligations of companies to […]

Europe’s complicity in the catastrophe in Yemen

The war in Yemen has led to the worst humanitarian catastrophe today. Twenty-four million people, 80 percent of the population, need some sort of humanitarian aid. Almost 250,000 people have lost their lives through the violence in a conflict that has lasted 6 years and where all forms of atrocities and war crimes have been […]

The Energy Charter Treaty: an obstacle to the energy transition

Little is said about the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). And despite the opacity that surrounds it, it is one of the international agreements that affects us most and that can most obstruct the energy transition. The ECT is a multilateral agreement that protects investments in the energy sector, especially those that major investors allocate to […]

The European Health Union, the answer to future health crises

The major challenges we face today know no boundaries. We have been aware for some time that Europe’s response to climate change or to the challenges posed by migration, to name but two, will only come through the coordinated efforts of the European Union and its Member States. But the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that […]

Recovery first, then transformation: a new strategy for European industry

What should tomorrow’s European industry look like? We know the underlying rhetoric: we need to prioritize ecological and digital transitions, and at the same time strengthen long-term competitiveness and economic and social resilience. That discourse had already been incorporated in the EU’s industrial strategy the European Commission presented in March, just before the coronavirus pandemic […]

A budget to strengthen Europe

After long and difficult negotiations, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament have reached a budget agreement that we might describe as reasonably good. I even see certain historical elements there. Of course, in such a complex and comprehensive agreement, flaws and even drawbacks can always be found. No one has met all […]

The new CAP, a looming missed opportunity

Last Friday, the European Parliament adopted its position on the reform of the CAP Common Agricultural Policy post-2022, which will now be negotiated with the EU Council made up of representatives of the 27 member states. The Parliament and the Council have taken two years to adopt their positions in regard to the CAP reform […]

More European Union to face impending difficulties

While still far from displaying the solemnity and substance that the State of the Union Address has in the United States, the first address on the State of the European Union by President Ursula von der Leyen, which opened this term and served to mark the broad lines of the European Commission’s work, was a […]

European sovereignty

Many international relations analysts are talking these days about COVID-19 as the “great accelerator” of global trends, that is the underlying trends that were already in motion before the coronavirus hit, and that the pandemic has accelerated. One such trend is undoubtedly the growing rivalry between the United States and China. This rivalry between the […]

Europe and Reglobalization

These days we often hear about theories that warn of a “paradigm shift” due to the Covid-19 shock and of transcendental transformations compared to the world we knew in February 2020. As if, once out of lockdown, a new world would flourish. Other more cautious commentators tell us that the pandemic has only accelerated transformations […]